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Buy Targeted Website Traffic to Help Your Business Grow

At Web Traffic Hits, we offer targeted website traffic from more than 18,000 premium publishers worldwide. Our web traffic services increase your website and brand exposure and effectively bring you sales.

Our targeted web traffic outreach process allows us to provide safe, effective, and high-quality website traffic at very competitive rates.

Audience Targeting

Geo-Targeting by Countries

We have a Geo-Targeting option for you with full control of the select location of each visitor you want.

Targeting by Device Type

You can target specific device types such as personal computer and mobile equipment and even primary browser types.


Every visitor we send you is human and targeted quality traffic at a specific time.

Keyword Targeting

Find out how your selected keywords can reach your web content through organic traffic.


We maximize the performance and return of investment of your website traffic campaign with retargeting.

White and Black Lists

We will block if any malicious activity such as viruses and malware with powerful in-house fraud filtering tools.


15X Higher Engagement
than Usual Ads Forms

We advertise your ads across our top relevant
publishers and social media channels.

Get more engagement and from your website,
blogs, articles, videos, apps, and more.

Every traffic we deliver you is 100% human
targeted traffic, and we don't have bot traffic.

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Google Analytics is a free service offered through Google that, once set up correctly, allows you to monitor all visitor activity on your website.

traffic tracking

Acquisition - driving traffic to your website.

With the Google Accusation report, you can check all traffic channels diverted to your website, such as Organic Search, direct, Social, Referral , E-mail, Paid Search, and Other Advertising.

You should know how much traffic each channel generates in comparison with other channels in this report, but it is also essential that you determine the quality of that traffic.

Audience Traffic Parameters

With the Google Analytics Audience report, you can check all traffic Parameters such as Users, New Users, Sessions, Number of Sessions Per User, Pageviews, Page/Sessions, Avg. Sessions Duration, and Bounce Rate.

The Audience reports provide insight into the characteristics of your users such as Active Users, Lifetime Value, Users Demographic in age and gender, Users Interest, Geo Locations and Language of your users, and many other healthy measure parameters.

audience overview

How Can We Increase Your Website Traffic?

Being on the front lines has taught our entire team just how essential it is to maintain a cutting edge understanding of the tools and techniques available now and soon to become available for managing a search engine’s algorithms.

That’s why we are always looking forward, continually innovating and developing new techniques to deploy in our ongoing journey to get each of our clients’ absolute maximum slot in search engine ranking, every time.

Our Targeted Traffic Packages and Pricing

Choose a traffic package to suit your budget.

Per Campaign

Tier 1

$29.99/ month

Real Targeted Visitors

Daily visitors: 200+
Keywords: up to 5
Total visitors: 6,000+
Duration: 30 day campaign

Per Campaign

Tier 2

$49.99/ month

Real Targeted Visitors

Daily visitors: 550+
Keywords: up to 10
Total visitors: 16,500+
Duration: 30 day campaign

No, a single traffic package can’t divide over multiple domains. Instead, you need to order separate web traffic packages for each different domain names.

verified traffic

Verified Traffic

ranking booster

Site Ranking Booster

competitive rates

Competitive Rates

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